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Find Your Fit

Life shouldn't only be about sacrifice and starvation (of the body, mind or spirit). It shouldn't be obsession or overindulgence that only makes us feel bad about who we are. Find balance by finding a healthier lifestyle and routine that fits your needs, and never allow anyone else to decide what you are capable of becoming.

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Find Your Ideal 2018 Resolution

Wondering how you might resolve to find your better self this year? Here are some resolution ideas that can be beneficial to your soul and your wallet.

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Yogic Philosophy for Work-Life Harmony

Apply these simple yogic philosophies to create more work-life harmony.

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Free Yoga and Pilates Classes – Where Do I Sign Up??

  “I am out of carrots. I am and out of sticks” As savvy consumers, we are always looking for a great deal. When it comes to exercise and the idea of joining a gym or signing up for classes, those carrots of a deal can often come attached to a very long “contractual” stick.… Continue reading Free Yoga and Pilates Classes – Where Do I Sign Up??