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On Inspired Leadership- Employee Motivation

So, how do we develop those who feel like they are standing still as we zoom around checking things off our list? We remind ourselves that professional development and employee investment are among the greatest gifts we are given as managers - to take a person from green to golden, to watch as he/she evolves, to allow for opportunity, and to shine a light on his/her achievements - is a gift.

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Lifestyle Design for Realist- 10 Simple Steps

The problem - I knew that I was not meant to be in the same position for the next 5, 10, or 20 years. I knew that I was capable of more than I was limited to within the confines of my career. I knew I wanted to feel passionate about my work, and I wanted ownership of my own success as opposed to being buoyed to anyone else. I knew I wanted more freedom and not to sit at a desk for eight hours a day. I knew I wanted more. The question became, how do I achieve this?

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Why Stronger Corporate Culture is Needed, Now, More than Ever

What is occurring within companies that is creating an opportunity for such reckless and inappropriate behavior? Is it the modeling of actions that employees see among leadership, or perhaps the absence of a strong, leadership-driven corporate culture that fosters equality, education, and accountability.

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Yogic Philosophy for Work-Life Harmony

Apply these simple yogic philosophies to create more work-life harmony.

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Managing to Manage While Learning to Lead

Managing the Monkeys - The Perception Monkey While, for some, it may be hard to imagine, management is made up of thinking, feeling, empathizing humans. Shocking, I know, so let’s take a moment to sit with that realization. We are not the “them” in your push-pull analogy. Most management teams are simple made up of… Continue reading Managing to Manage While Learning to Lead

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Lifestyle Design for Beginners – 10 Simple Steps

One day while catching up with my baby sister we stumbled upon the topic of lifestyle design. True to our personalities, we had both discovered this new approach on life, but from very different angles. Carolyn, or Koa as we so lovingly call her, had discovered lifestyle design on her quest for inner peace and… Continue reading Lifestyle Design for Beginners – 10 Simple Steps