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Find Your Fit

Life shouldn't only be about sacrifice and starvation (of the body, mind or spirit). It shouldn't be obsession or overindulgence that only makes us feel bad about who we are. Find balance by finding a healthier lifestyle and routine that fits your needs, and never allow anyone else to decide what you are capable of becoming.

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Find Your Ideal 2018 Resolution

Wondering how you might resolve to find your better self this year? Here are some resolution ideas that can be beneficial to your soul and your wallet.

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Ode to the Spring Head Cold & Simple Remedies for Relief

Simple, natural remedies that speed up the body's healing process and offer relief from your worst head cold symptoms.

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Simplify your Spring Morning Routine with these Simple Tips!

Spring has officially sprung- with the changing temps, we are spending more time outdoors and out with friends, which means later nights and hurried weekday mornings! Here are some simple tips and affordable products that shave precious time off your morning routine and still look leave you looking amazing!! Save time out of the shower! DuraComfort… Continue reading Simplify your Spring Morning Routine with these Simple Tips!

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Spring Skin Revival– Best- Selling Skin Brushes, Derm-Rollers, and Exfoliating Gloves!

Skin Brushes, Derma Rollers, and Exfoliating Glove Reviews to Revive your spring skin!

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Nail Rescue 101- The DIY Gel Manicure that Saved my Nails

It seems like a misnomer, a gel-based polish that could rescue your nails. For most who have experience with gel-based manicures, we know that the beauty of this shiny, light-capturing, nail-plumping treatment is usually followed by a second visit to the salon for the arduous task of removing the polish. For those who have tried… Continue reading Nail Rescue 101- The DIY Gel Manicure that Saved my Nails