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Find Your Ideal New Year’s Resolution

Year after year we ring in the New Year with a resolution to be or become a better version of our current self. While it is always good to have goals and continually improve ourselves, we also need to be realistic in how we approach resolutions so not to lose money or face.

So, if you are just dragging out of bed from a long night of celebrating, and some festive debauchery, and wondering how you might resolve to find your better self this year, here are some ideas that can be beneficial to your soul and your wallet.

Improve your reality with Lifestyle Design

I know it sounds like a hokey term, but lifestyle design is simply creating the life or lifestyle you want to live by focusing on your passions, abilities, and needs. It doesn’t have to consist of some deep spiritual journey, overseas travel, or giving up things that are important to you. In fact, lifestyle design should be you bringing more of the things that you want to surround yourself with closer to you- be that friends, family, job security, travel, or savings- you decide.

As a realist, I tend to gravitate toward creating a sense of security in my life, as that helps me to relax and enjoy more if I have fewer things to worry about. I set out on my own path toward creating a life I wanted along with my husband back in March of 2017. With research, we started our own business in which I manage operations and financials, similar to my full-time career, and he does the day-to-day purchasing and sales. We started the business with a few hundred dollars and have grown it exponentially over the first year. Granted, we are not making tons of money yet, it is, after all, the first year, and we have reinvested most of what we’ve made in scaling up each month.

In March of 2017 my husband started with a few items to sell and a few hundred dollars, and now, at the close of 2017, his inventory is 50x that with his sales doubling or quadrupling each month.

Not sure how to redesign your life to create a better version of you? Start with these 10 simple steps:

Step 1 – Use moments of frustration with your current situation to help identify what you really want to do or how you really want to spend your time.

Seriously, you can opt to do those find your passion flowcharts and VENN Diagrams, or you can pay attention to what you love, what you enjoy, and where your mind goes on those days when you know that your job is not fulfilling your ambition.findyourpassion

Do you have a hobby that you can turn into a business? Can you expand on your skill set enough to help others? Is there a low-cost way to get your information out there – like a blog, website, or as a seller online?

Step 2 – Begin learning and/or researching.

This does not mean returning to school, as YouTube or a simple Google search offers an endless array of ideas for entrepreneurs and hobbyists who want to branch out on their own. Read more, learn more, become more.

And no, I am not sending you to the self-help aisle, although there are some great books I will suggest since I opened the ‘read more’ can of worms. I am sending you to the know thyself aisle of your heart (passion) and mind (logic) – as it already exists there – you just haven’t tapped into it yet.


Step 3 – Make a transition plan, setting goals and timelines.

Here’s the first thing I stumbled upon when I found my stumbling, we make plans, set goals, and establish timelines every quarter or year in our profession but we don’t add the same value to our personal endeavors. Change that now.

This is a minute but massive step of your process. Where do you start building your blog or website? If you want to sell things you make online, how do you get connected to the right online retailers? How much are you comfortable investing to start – never over invest, always find the most sensible way to start out.
As you learn, build out steps and checklist with goal and dates of completion to keep yourself on track. I found that my journey started with a culmination of moments where I realized things had to change, but I really defined that change once I put it to paper. Use your phone to build out reminder lists so you can check things off as you go, keep yourself on track, and celebrate the things you have done successfully.

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Skip the gym membership and get on Youtube

Oh, the ever notorious gym membership for New Years. We all want to look better, feel better, and be better, so perhaps the best way to do that is to start out in a cost-effective, move at your own pace exercise routine.

Many people who have gotten away from exercise tend to feel less confident in a gym. It is a great idea, but if you’re not going to go, it’s also a great waste of money. And, if you are still in your 20’s and 30’s and have a stellar metabolism that allows you to work out “occasionally” you really aren’t benefiting from a monthly or yearly fee either. Skip the gym this year and get in touch with Youtube instead.

Put down that wallet- this is all FREE!!

Be TRUE to yourself – Yoga with Adriene

Start tomorrow with a 30-day FREE yoga course- TRUE– Yoga with Adriene


I started practicing yoga with Adriene, via Youtube, in 2016 when I found myself burnt out and a few pounds heavier due to stress and a major change in my career. I went from a decade as an educator- in which you never sit down unless you are grading papers- to a job that tied me to a chair for the first two years.

I was mentally and physically exhausted by my job, as many are, so this at-home; move at your own pace yoga was exactly what I needed. I started out slowly, allowing myself time to learn the routines and build up endurance while also giving myself space to rest and go slowly so I didn’t feel frustrated. Too often, feeling overly frustrated or overly exhausted (sore) can discourage us from sticking with exercise. By taking my practice slowly in the comfort of my own home, I was able to build upon each experience and really cultivate a love for yoga. I went from yoga on the weekends in 2016- to yoga 3x per week – and now do yoga at least 5 days per week. I have also graduated to more advanced routines, so I get to challenge myself each time I step on my mat.

As luck, and her effortlessly reliable and loving self, would have it, Adriene has created a new 30-day yoga experience for 2018. She is very conscious of all levels, very kind in her affirmations, and very encouraging to her millions of followers. Try TRUE for yourself- and if you have to take it slow, no worries, no one is judging you. This is your practice, your resolution, and your time to be better to yourself- so take what you need.

Need more than just yoga- PopSugar has you covered.

Yes, still free and this amazing site led by host, Anna Renderer, is brimming with a variety of workout videos from world-class instructors, including my favorites like Adriene and Mandy Ingber, to keep you on your toes and engaged. You can find pilates, cardio, cardio-pilates, slow yoga, sweat-inducing yoga, weighted practices, HIIT routines…you name it, PopSugar has it.

rebecca louise
Want to work out but you don’t have 30 minutes? Tune in to Rebecca Louise’s channel for 10-15 minute sculpting routines that will certainly make you “feel the burn”. And, yes, we are still talking about routines that are 100 percent free.

Having a resolution is the same as any other goal- if you don’t make it happen, it won’t happen. Whether you are looking to improve your life, career, mental or physical health, there are cost-effective ways to make 2018 a better year with a better you.

Wishing you all the best for your resolution and 2018!

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Gwendolyn is a lover of travel and culture, having visited over 13 countries and having lived most of her adult life in Europe and Asia – where she explored, learned, and fell in love.

In her professional career she has worn the hat of director in International Education, professor, trainer, strategist, and fundraiser for nonprofits. Most recently she started lifeinherent.com and co-founded Laifeu LLC.

She holds a MA in Public Relations and a BA in Media Communications.  

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