Dear WP Community …

As a newcomer to WP,  I am both inspired and impressed with the caliber of creativity and writing that I see among other bloggers. It is also very humbling to see the support that some of you have extended to me through likes, and I thank you for taking the time to connect!

I wanted to create this post as a way to further connect with this virtual community of creatives and experts, as I am still learning WP and would love to learn from and with you.

Today’s WP Community Question:

I have noticed and hear from some of my familial subscribers/followers that the email they receive when I post is very different in appearance and formatting than the original post. The headings are enormous when compared to the normal text size, pics are shifted, and some of the text appears darker (as though it was slightly bolded) in random paragraphs.

I have gone back to these posts to check for errors, but all seems well when I look ( in edit, preview, and published modes) at the post on my iphone, tablet, and laptop – only the emailed version is in disarray. And, yes, I have a responsive theme – but perhaps it isn’t as responsive through email.

Like you, I want my subscribers and followers to see the best possible image of my site since I put so much time and love into it.

Is this formatting change normal? If not, how can I prevent this from happening to emailed posts? 


Please leave comments, suggestions, and solutions below. Thank you, all, in advance for your thoughtful support of a fellow creative!


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