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Free Yoga and Pilates Classes – Where Do I Sign Up??


“I am out of carrots. I am and out of sticks”

As savvy consumers, we are always looking for a great deal. When it comes to exercise and the idea of joining a gym or signing up for classes, those carrots of a deal can often come attached to a very long “contractual” stick. So, when you find quality Yoga and Pilates for free, who wouldn’t want to sign up?

Not everyone has the time, money, or commitment to sign up with a gym or attend classes, so for them the next best option is cultivating an at-home practice that they can enjoy from the comfort of their living room, in cozy clothes, without an audience.

And the best part is that these teachers aren’t trying to be perfect, they aren’t trying to be overtly sexy, or come across as ‘gurus.’ They are super cool, down to earth types that make exercise worthwhile.

These are our top picks, and chosen home practices, with amazingly qualified and supportive teachers who share their videos out of pure passion for their craft. They do of course have membership sites that you can choose to follow once you are a fan, but they are also willing to make their time and expertise available to you for free.


Yoga with Adriene

Yoga With Adriene
Photo Credit: Yoga with Adriene – YouTube

Visit Yoga with Adriene on YouTube

Subscribers: over 2M

The Perks: Adriene is very charming. She sings, laughs at herself, reassures her viewers, and trails off on hilarious tangents. She is very devoted to making sure you are conscious of your every move and position, so you have a clear understanding of how your body should/could react in certain postures and poses and how you should be checking your form so to prevent injury and get the best results.

Along with a variety of yoga styles and levels, she creates different 30-day series that can seriously transform even the biggest skeptics – mentally, spiritually and physically.

The Downside: As cute as Ms. Adriene can be, she can come across to newcomers as very chatty. If you read the comments you will see even long time users saying “stop rambling Adriene.”  Once you learn to embrace her style of verbal reassurance and reminders, you will come to see that all that “chatting” serves a purpose to help you be the best version on yourself in any pose and every routine.

The Full Potential: Adriene’s diva-free, 30-day series can not only make you fall in love with home-practice, do this in your jammies yoga, but it can also make the routine of getting into a routine really easy. She is an excellent, caring yoga instructor and is worthy of your subscription to her channel.


The Balanced Life Pilates with Robin Long

The Balanced Life- Pilates Body Challenge
Image credit: The Balanced Life with Robin Long – YouTube

Visit The Balanced Life with Robin Long on YouTube

Subscribers: over 20K

The Perks: The videos are really targeted to those parts of our body that need attention. From Pilates Abs to Pilates Booty, you are certain to get the complete feel of a serious workout in 10 minutes or less. She also has longer videos and a new Pilates Body Challenge she has recently introduced on her free channel.

The Downside: My legs were screaming after my first 10 minutes Pilates Body Challenge video. These video might be quick, but trust me when I say your muscles will certainly remember. Due to the shortened nature of her video routines, there isn’t a great deal of warm-up, cool-down time, so  be sure to stretch prior to pressing play.

The Full Potential: If you are able to dedicate 10 minutes per day to her first 30 day Pilates Body Challenge series, you will see results. They may be small to start, and you may feel more changes than you see, making this is a great way to learn Pilates with a highly-qualified instructor.



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